Why should you buy a manufactured home as opposed to a site-built home?

It’s one of the top questions asked by our customers at A-1 Homes. Since A-1 Homes has been in the affordable housing business for over 50 years, we have insight into the process and advantages of buying a beautiful new or pre-owned mobile home. Our customers value home ownership and know that manufactured homes create a path to homeownership for many who might not fit the mold or pricing structure of site-built homes. Here are some of the advantages of manufactured homes:

  • Stringent National Building Code – Manufactured homes are built to a national building code as opposed to site-built homes which are locally regulated and subject to local regulations, inspectors, and reliability. HUD code and the subsequent seal that each manufactured home must have provides the most stringent certification process in the home building industry because it is closely monitored and verified at each factory prior to the home leaving.
  • Energy Efficiency – Because of the national HUD code, they are often more energy efficient because they must adhere to this national code rather than whatever a local community allows.
  • Better Building Conditions – Manufactured homes are built in a closely regulated manufacturing facility under a climate control that is not subject to the typical constraints and problems that site-built homes often encounter with weather constraints, inspection delays and individual reliability of contractors and local city staff.
  • Lower Pricing – Because manufactured homes are built to this national code in a controlled environment, they can be built more affordably since they aren’t at the mercy of the above constraints and fluctuating material pricing that can rise due to those delays. Those savings are passed down to the manufactured home consumer.
  • Wind Zone – Often these homes are built to a higher wind zone requirement as compared to site-built homes because of the nationally regulated HUD code as well.

As you can see there are quite a few reasons to look into manufactured homes before you make your final determination when home shopping. I didn’t even touch on the vast number of floor plan options or the reasonably priced upgrades available in so many of those floor plans and factories.

Happy Shopping! Reach out to us right now by clicking “Contact us” or call us at the number listed above for pricing and information. Our team is here to help every step of the way.

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